Federal Criminal Defense

Federal offenses typically include:

• Conspiracy
• Bank fraud
• Securities fraud
• Mortgage fraud
• Firearm offenses
• Medicaid fraud
• Child pornography
• Counterfeiting
• Insider trading
• Wire fraud
• Investment schemes
• Money Laundering
• Racketeering
• Tax evasion
• Immigration offenses
• Computer crimes
• Narcotics distribution
• Robbery
• Organized crime
• Political corruption

Defending a federal criminal case is significantly different from defending a New York State criminal case. Federal law and procedure is unique and complicated. Most state court attorneys have no or limited experience in federal court. It is imperative for a criminal defendant to hire an experienced lawyer who routinely practices in the federal district where the federal case is being prosecuted

Federal prosecutions are often characterized by long investigations, which may go on for several years before an indictment is filed. Meanwhile, unwitting targets of the federal authorities are vulnerable to making unguarded statements or answering questions that often may paint them in an unclear or unfavorable light.

Ideally, persons and businesses targeted for federal investigation should seek legal representation at the first sign of an investigation. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney can often help clients avoid indictment. Effective case strategies are necessary throughout each stage of a federal investigation and during the government’s pursuit of criminal charges.